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Sport Sleep Coach


Nick Littlehales is regarded as the leading elite sports sleep coach in world sport.

A leading industry expert with over 30 years experience in the world of sleep, sleeping habits, and product design and over 15 years dedicated to elite athletes and professional sport.

A former professional golfer, International Sales & Marketing Director of the Slumberland Group and Chairman of the UK Sleep Council, Nick has conducted many practical and clinical research projects into the varied sleeping habits adopted by the modern day sleeper and athlete. His unique, passionate, techniques, products and proven approach are endorsed by leading professionals in world sport and business.

Founder of

R90sleep[ing] recovery techniques  & sleepTechnic products

“Sleep is the natural every day recovery process and we know all about the importance of sleeping well, because we experience the benefits when it happens. However from my experience, most get by on more bad nights than good and have little,or no knowledge of why that actually happens. In sport and the workplace, sleep is not classified as performance factor, so even when we don’t sleep at all, we still crack on and as importantly allowed to, regardless of the side effects. The modern day tech driven generation is creating much higher levels of performance at every level and the ever growing associated demands, demand a new approach.

When I ask any group how many hours you sleep for the say EIGHT. Not because they do, but because they have heard, read or been told that is the right amount of time a healthy adult needs to sleep for every day. So eight is the “I’m OK ” number. 

After over 30 years in the sleep industry and over 16 years dedicated to elite sport, I have never worked with any individual or group that achieves 8 hours per day or gets even close. This is the key recovery factor redefining when you sleep, how and why.” Nick 

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Clients include:

Sport: Real Madrid C.F 2014The Dutch Bobsled Team SochiTeam Sky Professional Cycling TeamThe British Cycling & Para Cycling Olympic TeamsEngland Rugby – The Rugby Player’s Association – Rugby Union Premiership clubs – The RFLNottinghamshire County Cricket Club – British Rowing – Team GB Sailing  – Team GB Cyclo CrossTeam GB BMXTeam GB Mountain Bike British Athletics – EIS (English Institute of Sport)The British Olympic Association’s (BOA) – The RYA (Royal Yachting Association)LET (Ladies European Tour) Golfers -Team GB Boxing – EIS Sheffield

Corporate: UmbroWhitbread PLCUnilever PLC – Rocco Forte Hotels – The Victoria and Albert Museum, London – Aviva InsuranceThe Nottingham InstitutePrudential InsuranceThe UK Sleep Council



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