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The R90 team workshop has been designed specifically to unlock higher & more consistent levels of mental & physical RECOVERY – athlete by design

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          R90                      Redefining sleep in elite sport                           Picture2

    Designed and presented by Nick Littlehales a leading elite sport sleep coach, in an informal, interactive and dynamic format, delivering new techniques, practical solutions and achievable interventions.

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    “My main objective is to engage any team or group, to accept that we can look at sleep in a completely different way. Taking it for granted, like everyone has always done, because it is not used as a performance criteria, is now very much in sports past. We all know that eight hours a day is required for a healthy adult [athlete-player] but know one has a routine that delivers that. So time to take more control over this process, stop wasting valuable time trying to do it, make it work for us not against us and a Personal Best performance criteria” Nick


                                                     SLEEP = Mental & Physical Recovery


    Workshops are available to all sports at all levels, can be held at a time and place that is convenient to you, your team or group. Flexible in its approach and objectives, because the demands in each sport, athlete and player are different.

    We also welcome corporate, health, well-being and educational organisations and all International enquires.

    Add to cart – include your contact details and Nick will be in touch to arrange the details.

    Or contact Nick direct to discuss what can be achieved without any obligations

     Also available:
    - Club consultation days   – A day with Nick – includes workshops – one to ones – facility recovery check
    - Club recovery programs – A months consultation – everyone/routine/process taken to higher recovery levels 

    “The aggregation of marginal gains’, which means if you can improve a tiny amount across 10 different areas, that adds up to a considerable improvement over the opposition. It means pulling apart everything and trying to identify best practice, from the smallest detail on a bike to the pillows cyclists sleep on.”
    Sir Dave Brailsford General Manager Team Sky – Former Head of British Cycling