10 Steps to Redefined Sleep

○  Learn about the Circadian Rhythms which define our everyday processes.

○  Identify with your genetic Chronotype to combat fatigue periods.

○  Everything you do from the point of wake determines the quality of recovery – identify clear pre & post sleep routines.

○  Plan your sleep and day around 90-minute cycles, with short breaks every 90 minutes during the day.

○  Think polyphasic! It’s natural for humans to sleep for shorter periods at night, midday and early evening – 20/30 minute naps are key to this process. Think about how many cycles you need, which can be achieved in any 24-hour period, rather than at one block during the night.

○  Use a dawn wake simulator to recreate the sunrise and sunset in a dark bedroom. Light and dark trigger the shift between melatonin, the nighttime suppress hormone and serotonin, the active wake hormone.

○  A tart cherry supplement is a good addition to any diet. It contains natural Potassium & Magnesium for physical recovery with natural melatonin to wind down.

○  The best size for two adults is a super king, which is two single mattress spaces put together. Size matters; go as big as you can.

○  Retrain yourself to nose breathe, which is a key factor in quality sleep. Some useful products include Rhinomed Turbine Device, SleepQ+ and The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown.

○  Read Sleep by Nick Littlehales to discover the R90 Technique and redefine your recovery approach. (https://amzn.to/2IN3d2Z)