Man Marking - Episode 59 - Nick Littlehales

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If you want to deliver your personal best, more often than not, then it’s got to be down to sleep

Back in the late 90's, Nick Littlehales contacted Alex Ferguson to offer his unique skillset in order to assist the Manchester United players with their sleep. Ever the forward thinker, Ferguson took Nick up on his offer and invited him to Carrington to work with the squad. Subsequently Nick has worked with some of the most renowned athletes in the world, and has assisted the likes of Team Sky, and the England national team. 

We talk to Nick today about his work in professional sport, the importance of sleep for recovery, as well as the impact sleep can have on your mental health. We also touch on the immense pressure and scrutiny that top athletes are under, and what effect that has on their sleeping patterns. 

You'll also discover why pillows might not as important a bedroom accessory as you might have thought, and what actually happens when you eat cheese before bed. 

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