Sleep Eat Perform Repeat: #122 Nick Littlehales - Sport Sleep Coach Redefining Human Recovery

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Today we spoke with Nick Littlehales - Sport sleep coach redefining human recovery Nick started off as an international sales marketing director for Slumberland Group, chaired the UK Sleep Council - and for the best part of two decades has redefined and revolutionised sleep and recovery practices for the most elite organisations. Nick has consulted with Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, with Liverpool FC, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Team Sky, British Cycling...amongst many other high performance teams. His R90 Technique has been tried and tested by elite athletes looking for better sleep for improved performance. He has written a well researched and practical book called 'Sleep', which we highly recommend you reading too. Today we talk about the importance of light - and how that affects our circadian rhythm. We discuss sleep cycles, naps, optimum recovery practices and how to approach a bad night's sleep - or disturbed sleep due to young children. Nick dives into night owls and early risers, and why recovery is vital for performance and wellbeing in sport, work and life. Nick sheds light on whole day recovery rather than just sleep at night - and busts the myth of 8 hours.