The Athlete Coach Podcast - Nick Littlehales

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In today’s episode I talk to Nick Littlehales who is the leading elite sport sleep coach to the biggest names in the sporting world, including British Cycling and Team Sky's recording-breaking cyclists, top Premiership and international football teams and players, Rugby Union and Rugby League, and Olympic and Paralympic athletes. He is Chairman of the UK Sleep Council and a former professional golfer, he has thirty years' experience in the world of sleep science, and has spent sixteen years working with elite athletes. His proven approach to achieving the optimum night's sleep is endorsed by leading professionals in sport and business. We talk in-depth about his 7 key sleep recovery indicators which . Good Sleep time and efficiency is the best restorative and recovery process you can implement but there are still 67% of UK adults having disrupted sleep so there needs to be a big overhaul of the value that is put onto sleep. This episode can provide you with a great blueprint on how to improve your sleep patterns and overhaul some of the outdated thought processes around sleep. You can really tell Nick’s passion for the subject matter in the episode and it is absolutely contagious. I hope Hope you enjoy the episode, I’m sorry about the end of the episode where there’s quite a sharp cut off unfortunately I had some technical issues.

Thanks to Nick for his time and I hope you enjoyed today’s episode and that it gave you some inspiration or information that you can put into action. See you at the next episode and thanks for listening.