Want to be more productive in the mornings? Do these 5 things before bed.

Lay the foundations for a productive morning the night before with these simple techniques. The combination of behaviours will ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Create a relaxing sleep environment

Your bedroom should not become an extension of your living space, ensure it is set up to create a relaxing environment that encourages sleep. Remove any unnecessary clutter and furniture, along with technology that can distract you from a good night’s sleep. Block out as much light as you can during the night, black out blinds work great, and make sure any standby lights are off or covered with some black tape.

Keep it cool

You should keep your bedroom cooler than the rest of your house, this not only makes it a better temperature for sleep but also the drop in temperature lets your brain know it’s time for sleep. The ideal temperature is between 16 – 18 C.

Create a pre-sleep routine

Create a relaxing routine, full of activities that are going to get you ready for sleep and keep it the same every day. Your routine could include preparing your lunch and writing a to do for the next day, reading a book or having a shower. It is also helpful to not use any technology during this period.

Use a pillow spray

Pillow sprays contain relaxing ingredients and scents, known to help with sleep. Spray your pillow before bed every night to help you fall easily asleep and wake feeling refreshed the next morning.

Clear your mind

One thing that is notorious for keeping you up at night is worrying. Reduce any anxious thoughts by downloading your day. Write down key things that happened during your day, including anything that’s worrying you, this way the thoughts are put onto paper for you to deal with at another time.