R90 Elite Recovery Coaching

R90 Elite Recovery Coaching

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Improve the quality of your sleep and feel refreshed and energised throughout the day with your personalised sleep-recovery plan, explained in detail during your one-to-one sleep coaching call.

R90 Elite Recovery Coaching includes completion of the R90 Questionnaire, an e-book, 2 x 30 minute coaching call with Nick Littlehales and a months access to Nick to get further support. During the calls Nick will discuss the appropriate techniques and steps you can make to improve your sleep, recovery, performance and wellbeing.

What are the benefits of Sleep Coaching?

R90 Sleep Coaching will provide you with the techniques, used by elite athletes, to redefine your sleep approach for improved sleep, recovery, performance in work or sport and mental wellbeing. Our coaching doesn't just focus on what happens whilst you're asleep but what you do whilst you're awake. This produces great results, with our clients seeing improved quality of sleep, feeling refreshed upon waking, maintaining motivation and focus throughout the day, increased performance levels and a positive mood and outlook.

If you would like further information on how Elite Sleep Coaching could help you or for advice on which coaching service is right for you get in touch.

What you'll learn

Circadian Rhythms

You will learn exactly what circadian rhythms are and how they impact on your brain, you as a human and your daily life.

Your Chronotype

Discover what a Chronotype is and how you can identify your own and others. Understand how to structure your day according to that genetic characteristic, such as what time is best for you to conduct an important meeting or task and what time should you be exercising.

Sleeping in Cycles

Explore and reveal the myth of 8 hours and why the power of napping, if redefined, can reveal a new re-energised you every day. We will also cover why a 90-minute sleep wake cycle works, what happens during a full cycle and how many you should be aiming for combined with shorter cycles throughout the day.

Pre & Post Routines

Did you know that what you do before and after sleep is just as important as the actual sleeping itself? R90 Coaching will take you through exactly what your routines should focus on, when you should do them and how they can make you fall asleep easier and then feel more alert during the day.

Activity & Recovery Harmony

You will redefine what recovery actually is, looks and feels like. Such as little distractions every 90 mins, and those amazing 30/20-minute controlled recovery periods (CRP's) that add up to protect you all year round from wasting valuable time sleeping without benefits.

Sleeping Environments

Learn what you should have in your bedroom and how to create your own recovery room for maximum recovery benefits. This includes who you sleep with, where you sleep, how your room should be decorated and technology.

Sleeping Products

Discover what you should be sleeping on and with. You will learn why you don’t need to spend a fortune on a mattress, how to conduct a mattress check to see if your mattress is suitable for you and even what position you should be sleeping in and who with.

Common Sleep Problems & Disorders

Whether you have suffered or suffer, knowing more about common sleep problems and how they develop protects you from them. New issues with sleep are developing every year as our 24/7 tech culture drives new human demands to enjoy and overcome positively.

Using your R90 Technique

Discover how you can apply your new R90 Technique to your everyday life, including how to adapt to sleeping with partners, having children and periods in your life where you are busier than usual.

Our Recovery Future

Explore what you have learnt throughout your coaching and how that could be key to arming you up with techniques that enable you to make informed recovery decisions on whatever comes your way. 

The R90 Coaching Process

1. R90 Questionnaire

After purchase you will receive a link to complete the R90 Questionnaire, which gathers information about your current sleep approach and routine. Please complete this in as much detail as you can. 

2. Book Your First Call

After completing the R90 Questionnaire you will be able to book your call at a convenient time. Sleep Coaching is available worldwide and we will make every effort to find a suitable time for you based on the time zone you're in.

3. Your Coaching Call

At the time of your coaching call you will be able to contact Nick through a variety of methods, including a phone call, Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. During your call Nick will take you through his findings based on your R90 Questionnaire, from this he will discuss the changes you can make to see improvements in your sleep quality, performance, mood and motivation. You will also receive an e-book outlining what has been discussed during your call.

4. 30 Days Access

After your initial call, you have access to Nick for 30 days, via email or text. During this time you can ask Nick any further questions you may have, update him on your progress or receive more guidance if needed.

5. Your Final Call

After, or during, the 30 days access you can book your second call. The purpose of this call is to inform Nick of your progress since the first call, he will then be able to provide any further advice and an action plan to ensure you experience maximum results.

Every call and R90 Questionnaire is private and confidential, and tailored to the individual. 

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