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Group Coaching

Group Coaching

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Improve your group's performance and wellbeing by redefining their sleep approach with group coaching based on your group's recovery needs.

Group Coaching includes an in-person or online coaching session with Nick Littlehales, based around your group's recovery needs. Ideal for sports groups or businesses, group coaching can produce impressive results in improving performance, productivity and wellbeing. 

Each coaching session is designed specifically for your group to ensure maximum results. 

If you would like further information on how Group Coaching could help your group, email or schedule a call here.

The R90 Coaching Process

1. Introduction Call

Before or after purchase a call can be arranged with Nick to discuss the needs and requirements of coaching for your group. 

2. Coaching Plan

Nick will create a coaching plan to ensure it is focused on the requirements of each group. This can be viewed in advance if needed. 

3. The Coaching

During the coaching Nick will present his R90 Technique, which includes the 7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators, 7 techniques that can be applied to improve sleep quality, performance, mood and motivation. 

Please note: for in-person coaching extra expenses such as travel or hotel costs are to be covered by the client.