R90 Events

Nick Littlehales is recognised as the world’s first and leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach, probably the world’s first Sleep Coach and regarded as a leading human recovery innovator. He has over 35 years’ experience within the sleep and sleeping product industry and over 22 years dedicated to elite sport. His unique, passionate and proven approach, is endorsed by leading sport science professionals, managers, coaches, organisations in sport and now business, health and education worldwide.

As a former aspiring professional golfer onto International Sales & Marketing Director of the Slumberland Group and Chairman of the UK Sleep Council, Nick has conducted many practical and clinical research projects into the varied sleeping habits adopted by the modern-day sleeper and athlete.

Nick is the author of a ground breaking and revolutionary #1 best selling book SLEEP. Published in the UK in October 2016 by Penguin Random House and now published in 14 different languages worldwide. SLEEP sets out to debunk common sleep myths as well as educating the reader on his revolutionary R90 Recovery Technique. Considered to be a game changing human performance tool that many refer to as a paradigm shift in our recovery approach. 

Nick is an experienced International key note speaker, joint presenter and has appeared on numerous television shows and radio programmes. As well as being recognised as a leading sleep recovery commentator continuing to be featured by all of the leading media titles and podcasters.


- Debunking the myths of sleep

- The R90 Technique

- Performance improvements

- Sleep hacks

- Product recommendations

- Nick's journey

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Webinars completed 2020 to date 



  • Heimtextil International Fair Frankfurt - Keynote speaker and Wellspun guest speaker  
  • RB Leipzig German Bundesliga 3 day first team and staff coaching days  
  • GSK Glasco Smith Kline - R90T Webinar workshop 


  • New Zealand Womens Olympic Rowing Squad - A series of group and one to one coaching sessions 
  • Podcast with TJ Jankowski 
  • Podcast with Killian Brady 
  • Podcast Greg? 
  • Podcast David Hessen 
  • Filipa Basílio da Silva - Portuguese TV interview  
  • Leeds event - Guest speaker with Olympic Swimmer Mark Foster  


  • Mathew Wright TV show interview 
  • Jeanette Interview  
  • Simon Ward Triathlon Coaches - Guest speaker  
  • Nottinghamshire Police on site workshop 
  • BBC radio live interview  
  • Ken podcast 
  • GQ Interview  

April / May 

  • Niall podcast 
  • Nat West Markets group webinar  
  • The Womens Dance webinar 


  • Tony Wrighton Podcast 
  • Elite Performance Webinar Australia  
  • Lawrence Bellamy cab sports webinar 
  • Cheryl podcast 


  • Gabby Logan podcast  
  • Jason Kelley Pro golfer podcast 


  • Simon Ward podcast Tri coach 
  • James McDowell podcast 
  • Vispring online brochure guest content  
  • Max Kirsten London Sleep Coach podcast 


  • Insta Live Q&A 
  • PGIM Webinar   


  • Man Marking Podcast Daniel Read 
  • Jase Kraft - Science of Sports Recovery Podcast 


  • Andy Ramage Workshop - One year no bear - mind and body gym 
  • Yusuf Yasici Lille Footballer National Turkey Squad 
  • USA Army Webinar  
  • Mark Hoogers University Utretch webinar  
  • The Edge Podcast - Swanwick Sleep Tristian  
  • Virtual End Podcast 


  • SJP Webinar - Stephen Rawle 
  • Fabio Molle - Functional Tennis Podcast 

January 21 

  • Sliding Doors Podcast - Jennie Becker  
  • Norwich City FC Academy Workshops x 3  
  • Deutsche Bank / PepTalk Webinar  


  • Athlete Tribe Podcast - Lee 
  • Offside Interview - Johan 
  • We Work Webinar - Chloe Scott 
  • Kirk Miller Webinar workshop 
  • Dan Hancock - DH Fitness Webinar 


  • GWI Sleep Initiative Alison Howard 
  • British Weightlifting Workshop  
  • IWD eBay Webinar Workshop Switzerland