R90 Sleep Recovery Coaching

R90 Sleep Recovery Coaching

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A unique Game Changing one to one coaching session with Nick Littlehales the leading Elite Sport Sleep Recovery Coach. During a 60 minute virtual coaching call he will discuss the appropriate techniques and steps you can make to improve your sleep, recovery, performance and wellbeing.

"Adopting the R90 Technique into your everyday approach, will not only define you now and for the future but also the knowledge to share with partners, family, friends and colleagues" Nick 

Your R90 Coaching Journey - 60 minutes that could change your life...

Step 1. R90 Questionnaire (Personal Profiler)

Shortly after purchase once your payment has been verified you will receive an email link to complete your personal profile, which gathers information about your current sleep approach and routine. 

Step 2. Schedule Your Call

At the point you submit your profile a link will allow you to book your virtual session at a convenient time ideally choosing the Zoom Platform or Skype. We make every effort to find a suitable times for you based on the time zone you're in. If not then simply get in touch. 

Step 3. 60 minute One to One Session

During this informal private session Nick will run through your profile highlights, identify the key practical and achievable behaviour changes and interventions and answer any questions. Once completed you will receive a personalised R90 Workbook Deck to help you stay on the journey in optimising your human recovery approach now and for the future.

*All information provided is held as strictly private and confidential, only used to complete the consultation and only viewed by Nick. 

The Game Changing R90 Recovery Technique...

Recovery in 90 minute Cycles / 7 KSRI's Key Sleep Recovery Indicators

KSRI 1. Circadian Rhythms

Being Synchronised not Desynchronised 

KSRI 2. Chronotype

Your Human Recovery Characteristics 

KSRI 3. Sleeping in Cycles

The myth of 8 hours and the power of CRP's - Controlled Recovery Period. Four phases 16 stages in every 24 hours.

KSRI 4. Pre & Post Behaviour

A consistent start to every day is the key to success.

KSRI 5. Activity & Recovery In Balance

What you do, when and why.

KSRI 6. Sleeping Environment

You can sleep anywhere, anytime, the key factor is familiarisation.

KSRI 7. Sleeping Products

Learn whats right for you, could work for you whilst debunking the marketing B.....it

*Need advice on which coaching service is right for you simply get in touch.

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