Redefining Sleep For Over Two Decades

We can help you or your team redefine your sleep for improved performance and wellbeing in sport, work or life.



Every month hundreds of elite athletes, players and organisations in world sport around the globe are using the Recovery Game Changing R90 Technique to achieve more sustainable levels of human recovery performance.

Self Coaching Tools

○ Discover how to self coach using our techniques.

○ Make instant changes to your sleep.

○ Books and audio courses available.

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One-to-One Sleep Coaching

○ Improve the quality of your sleep.

○ Increase your performance.

○ Mental and physical wellbeing benefits.


Group Sleep Coaching

○ Ideal for sports teams or businesses.

○ Improve group sleep and performance.

○ Discover the wellbeing benefits of recovery.

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Our clients include a variety of sport and corporate groups. We can provide services to suit all companies and their individual needs.

Created by Nick Littlehales, Elite Sport Sleep Coach


What are the benefits of R90 Coaching?

Improve the quality of your sleep and feel refreshed and energised throughout the day with your personalised sleep-recovery plan, explained in detail during your one-to-one coaching call. R90 Sleep Coaching will provide you with the techniques, used by elite athletes, to redefine your sleep approach for improved sleep, recovery, performance in work or sport and mental wellbeing. 


The coaching with Nick was invaluable, personal, and to top it off, great fun. I can honestly say, a simple change in terms of sleep and awake time has made all the difference to how I feel. Having now gone back to a more normal work routine, I have managed to keep the changes intact, and feel better now than I have done in many years.

Matt Collings

The sign of a great workshop is when the audience are engrossed during the talk, and the engagement and insights continue to flow for weeks afterwards. Without exception, we rated Nick's talk as excellent!

Andrew Ramage

Finding Nick and learning to incorporate the R90 techniques into my life has fundamentally changed my life. Nick took the time to understand me, my lifestyle, my challenges and my strengths. Nick has an amazing ability to rapidly uncover the ways I was sabotaging my own performance and guide me to setting things right.


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