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Nick Littlehales Elite Sports Performance Coach Since 1998 / Founder of the R90 Technique

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Our clients are simply some of the Leading Professional athletes, players, coaches, managers, teams and organisations in World Sport and Business

SLEEP by Nick Littlehales elite sports performance coach


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An absolute pioneer of ‘sleep hygiene’. One of only a few external experts’ players I speak to remember!! (From a Premier League player) - high praise

Julian Dowe CEO Football 4 Football

“I approached Nick to help
me prepare for Race Across America, a 3080 mile, 12 day ultra cycle race. Nick focused on the importance of my approach, not just to sleep but to the whole concept of recovery (which I generally viewed as just wasted time off the bike!). Nick changed my whole attitude to recovery and his passion, desire to learn and to share his knowledge make him a pleasure to work with...

Penny Barker Ultra Endurance Cyclist

“This is a tremendously exciting
development in the world of sport and one, I wholeheartedly support. Nick Littlehales provides leading professionals in the world of sport, including Manchester United FC with a better understanding of this natural physical and mental process enabling players to maximise the quality and consistency of sleep and in turn overall performance.”

Sir Alex Ferguson Former MUFC Manager

Invaluable, personal, and to top it off, great fun. I can honestly say, a simple change in my behaviour has made a significant difference and I feel better now than I have done in many years.

Matt Collings Leading Sports Coach

The sign of a great workshop is when the audience are engrossed during the talk, and the engagement and insights continue to flow for weeks afterwards. Without exception, we rated Nick's R90 Virtual Team Workshop as excellent!

Andrew Ramage Entrepreneur Author Coach

Finding Nick and learning to incorporate the R90 techniques into my life has fundamentally changed my life. Nick took the time to understand me, my lifestyle, my challenges and my strengths. Nick has an amazing ability to rapidly uncover the ways I was sabotaging my own performance and guide me to setting things right.

Alex Cantafio Transplant & HPB Surgeon USA

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E167 - Nick Littlehales, elite sleep coach: Rethink what you know on sleep

Nick causes Jake and Damian to rethink how they look at their sleep patterns for high performance and provides practical tips we can all use for improving sleep patterns.

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Covent Garden London 2023-What a great Anti Aging Sleep masterclass with Dr Barbara Sturm and elite body coach James Davies


Brian Peters Ex NFL Pro Footballer Chasing Edges Podcast

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Dr Chatterjee talks to Nick Littlehales best selling author of the book Sleep: The Myth of 8 Hours, the Power of Naps....


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Great Sleep Chat with Sarah Ann Macklin worth a listen...


Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

I was always aware of how important sleep is to everyone and yet fascinated by the fact it was taken for granted...