R90 Technique High Performance SleepING

Health Pillars: Hydrating - EATING (Fuelling Up) - Exercising - Sleep!!
Redefining Behaviour can be as simple as how you refer to that tactic, habit or task. Why NOT make your Sleep approach as proactive as your other main health performance pillars.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
   Just put and ING in it...                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Ask yourself: Will you proactively do ANYTHING TODAY that will help you sleep! Like YOU THINK you should TONIGHT...                                                                                                                                                                                                      
My sleep(ing) journey started, some 35 years ago now, not by choice or a career interest simply due to circumstances played out and I found myself in that industry. I managed to achieve a high influencing position within that industry, however I was always frustrated and fascinated by the many counterintuitive, misunderstanding's and myths associated with the importance of humans sleeping well, resulting in WHY most, if not everyone adopted a "Taken for Granted" approach to doing it.

Over two decades ago back in the late 90's I bumped into elite sport and found myself revealing what I believed to be the Key Factors in play, which led me to develop a technique, that would provide the foundations for any high achieving athlete (Human) to optimise mental and physical recovery and by default, sleep(ing) with full benefits more often than not.

“My personal experience from coaching elite athletes is keep it simple, practical, achievable, and sustainable, and I want everyone all over the world to access what I have learned and pass it on. All we actually want is to NOT waste time SLEEPING without feeling The Energy (NRG) we should have GOT from IT: FROM the many hours we allocate to it. Just more energised, more often to get what we need to do DONE. Maybe grab it quicker, in less time, a bit smarter is the mantra for us all and even more so for the current, and next generation” Nick

Daily (24/7) Activities should be aligned with Reset Activities, something fundamental to us as humans and our planets natural rhythm and cycles, referred to as Circadian Rhythms.

The Key Factors in Play to Release the Energy that feeling of being Energised to Kick Start your NEW 24 Hours and GET IT DONE!                                                    
The R90 Technique and 7 KSPI's Key Sleep Performance Indicators
IN PLAY in Every 24/7



How to maintain and when required regain, what would be your ideal 24/7 energised, refreshed, ready and prepared personal balance is your ideal. We can allocate up to 10/12 hours per 24 hours to Sleep(ing), the mantra of get your 8 hours plus some pre and post snooze, catch up time all adds up.

 It's clearly important to how we function, so it should be our 1st Health Pillar not, something tagged onto the backend of any day, period, when we have nothing left to think about other than "OH I need some Sleep Now" stuff to do tomorrow.

Maybe everything you set yourself to do everyday, short and longer term plans, and goals, would benefit and be Optimised rather than diminished or diminishing if you had a more consistent, reliable ongoing recovery, sleep(ing) approach.

Which is why this redefining, proven more definitive approach is referred to by leading professional's in elite sport and business worldwide is known as the R90 Technique Your Hours Allocated to SleepING NRG Optimised 

No obligations simply let Nick know what you would like, hoping, thinking of achieving, maybe grab a quick call with Nick's aim in mind to make it happen for you in a way that suits you.