R90 Technique

Transforming elite sport through sleep and recovery.

The R90 Technique consists of the 7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators (KSRIs) that contribute to an improved sleep approach. Outlined in Nick's book Sleep, this revolutionary technique has been helping elite athletes, sports teams, high achievers, businesses and individuals all over the world. 

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R90T Technique is based on 3 principles:

Sleeping in CyclesAt the core of Nicks’ technique is breaking every 24 hours into 90 minute cycles, 16 stages and 4 phases. Referred to as a multiphasic activity and recovery approach.

7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators: The 7 KSRIs are the key techniques that can be adopted to improve sleep, recovery and performance. Based on what Nick has discovered over 35 years of experience. 

24/7 Recovery Approach: Recovery is a 24/7 commitment, and through using the daylight hours in addition to your nocturnal approach you will be able to give your mind and body the opportunity to continually reboot while dealing with the demands of modern life. What are the benefits of Sleep Coaching?

R90 Sleep Coaching will provide you with the techniques, used by elite athletes, to redefine your sleep approach for improved sleep, recovery, performance in work or sport and mental wellbeing. Our coaching doesn't just focus on what happens whilst you're asleep but what you do whilst you're awake. This produces great results, with our clients seeing improved quality of sleep, feeling refreshed upon waking, maintaining motivation and focus throughout the day, increased performance levels and a positive mood and outlook.

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