International Licensees

Recognised as the world’s first and leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach and regarded as a leading human recovery innovator. Redefining Sleep Since 1998 with over 35 years’ experience within the sleep(ing) industry and over two decades dedicated to elite sport.

 “After 25 years immersed in elite sport the equally REWARDING challenge now is the growing interest from a much broader range of Private and Public sector organisations and individuals from all walks of everyday life worldwide.

My Philosophy when considering any Agreement or License is: I am happy to grant my  "Image Rights" to a company that is deemed to be a trustworthy and honest industry leader and or a Product (s) that I believe clearly benefits the user. Under the terms of "Ambassador" not a direct endorser.
My Personal Brand and R90 Technique has a unique value and is bound by  "A Game Changing Innovative Thinker" approach to Sleep and Sleeping developed over two decades at the forefront of Redefining Sleep in elite sport worldwide and for our next generation of sleepers. Also bound by a "Published International Best Selling Author" with Penguin Random House in over 18 Languages worldwide to date.

I am very proud to be working with Licensees based in Japan, China, Canada and Germany in an Ambassador Consultancy role and a few more coming on board in 2024. 


Athlete Sleep Coach - OrthoSleep Japan - R90 Technique (Coaching Licensee) 



DeRucci China Chief Technology Officer (Consultancy Licence)


 France Bed Japan Brand Ambassador (Image Rights Licensee)




Former Sprinter at Windsor University, Owner of Axis Performance & Training taking athletes to Collegiate and Professional contracts across multiple sports. "Working with this great person collaborating services to enhance the elite performance athlete journey" Nick  

Germany International - Third Of Life collaborative partners in innovative sleep(ing) product design.