#1 Best Seller SLEEP by Nick Littlehales
#1 Best Seller SLEEP by Nick Littlehales
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#1 Best Seller SLEEP by Nick Littlehales

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An easy non clinical, not judgemental 90 minute read that could in the words of the readers simply change your life and most importantly stop worrying about sleep(ing) Over 500,000 copies sold and millions shared worldwide

Nick Littlehales' fascinating journey to become the world’s leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach and his revolutionary GAME Changer R90 Technique is encapsulated in his book called SLEEP “The Myth of 8 hours the power of Naps and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind”. Published by Penguin Random House it has made him an International Best Selling Author with translations into 18 languages world-wide to date... 

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The BEST sleep book out there!

I can not recommend this book and Nick's services enough. His Sleep book changed my life when I literally had a lightbulb moment (excuse the pun) when reading it at 4am in the morning. I had not slept well for 43 years and this book along with some further research on light and the circadian rhythm helped me change my sleep so that I am now a DEEP sleeper and love it!

There are many books on the market about sleep but most of them serve to only scare insomniacs about how important sleep is (no surprise there then), whereas Nick's book gives good explanations, great examples and easy ways to make changes. The book itself is well written, concise and full of information.

The first time I read this it took me 3 hrs (during one of many sleepless nights) and I have now passed it to all my friends and bought it on my Kindle. If you have any sleep issues this will be the best £6 you have ever spent! Emma 

Chapter 1 The Clock is Ticking
Extract Off the Grid

Let’s start by getting off the grid for a while. Let’s get back to nature for real. You and I will leave all our possessions behind – our watches, computers, phones – and head out to an uninhabited island, where we’ll live off the land, just as our ancestors once did. We’ll hunt and fish and sleep under the stars. Eat your heart out, Bear Grylls.

So out there on this island we make camp in a great rolling field. When the sun eventually goes down, and the temperature drops with it, we build a fire. We’re going to spend quite a lot of time now without daylight, so we want to eat. We cook and devour our spoils for the day, and then sit back sated, chatting softly, absorbing the amber light of the fire as we look into it. Eventually the talk subsides, we gaze up at the stars for a while before, one by one, we turn over, curl up under our blankets and drift off into sleep.

At some point in the morning, the sun is going to start approaching the horizon. The birds will start singing even before it gets there, and when it does, the temperature will start to rise. Even if it’s really cold, it will still rise by a degree or two, and everything will get lighter. Whether or not we’ve got our head under a blanket, the light gets in and we wake up. The first thing we’re likely to want to do is empty our bladders, and then we’ll start thinking about drinking some water and eating breakfast. Then it’ll be time for a bowel movement before we go fishing and hunting for the day. Nothing hurried, all in its natural time.

Later in the day, when the sun starts going down again, we’ll sit back down in the field. The temperature will drop, and it will get dark again, so we’ll have to light the fire – we’ll do it all again. This is really getting back to what we do naturally, working in harmony with our circadian rhythms.

Enjoy the book...

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